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Thread: EDC Lighter Fluid Container

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    i still have my zippo's. and a thing of fluid for them.but their kept put away.on account it means one less item in my pants pocket.and no fluid leaking out onto my leg.i now buy and use the 5 packs of Bic's at dollar which i stopped at one a few days ago.and found a short long stem barely long enough to stick out past both sides of my hand.and just to make things more interesting.their refillable..


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    That's kinda cool......haven't see any yet....
    Since I quit smoking....I just carry a Bic most of the time.. Don't use it much except to try it out to see if it' still works...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter63 View Post
    Sounds like your group uses "Un-common sense"

    In my Rondy gear, I had included a buckskin Bic lighter on a neck strap......vender lady was making an selling them...
    Used it to light my smoke when no one was looking....
    Didn't think anyone would notice.

    Anyway Rondy go to is Flint and steel.....w/char cloth.

    Wsa practicing starting my fire for a "fire lighting contest"

    Hot really humid day....was not getting a spark to catch....
    Young boy standing there watching.....
    Then says..".Hey mister, why not use the Bic in the pouch around your neck..."

    Never wore it again.....LOL.
    hahahah yeah, it does seem a tad odd I agree, I mean As a smoker i always have a bic on me, so There generally would never be a moment I wouldnt have one.
    But I get that we there to learn other methods, and need to suffer with out Technology hahahah. sure I guess any lighter could fail from water and empty gas and weather etc.
    It doesnt bother me much, if push came to shove I would use a bow drill if need be.
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    ETA : Never mind. I read through the reviews and Q&A a little more, and there is a lot of contradictory stuff in there.


    Just found these:


    I've searched for real small ones before, but not found them. $5.69 incl. shipping for the 2 oz. size. $4.95 incl. shipping for the 1 oz. size.

    They look good for lighter fuel or personal fuel/medicine.

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