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    So I been sick most of trapping/ deer/turkey season this year my ms has-been the worst it has ever been I'm done with doctors all together .. but on a great note I did get me some fur this year right here in my own back yard we had some opossum and coons making off with my Chickens but me and my daughter's handled that with a single foot hold got one every time we set it we used sardines in mustard as per your suggestion and I thank you all so for the bad news ..I tore the dang tail off both the coons...I used the tail stripper on one and the other I cut it 3/4 gave it a pull and sure enough lost 6+ Inch of tail..any tips for a try hard as I refuse to give up I love this it's so in my blood now I can't turn back...I even got my daughter to gut skin and cut the meat off another family members deer she was so excited..went from ewww gross to yay dinner ...ONE PROUD POPPA ... Also I'm sick in bed now but will be begging for home remedies in the natural form as I am done with doctors ... vertigo... dizzy .. constant fatigue...but I'll leave that for the proper thread..again thanks for having me I love to read what you're all up to...haha hell it's yee yee damn auto correct
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    Skinning tails was one of the things I had difficulty with when I first started trapping. I don't have raccoons up here, but martin have very thin hide that is easy to tear. A lot of my early mink wound with short tails too.

    Good for you getting your kids involved! My daughters are always eager to dig in, and last deer we processed I actually gave the oldest a knife to cut burger meat off the bone. She did great! Getting young kids interested in the process and making it fun is critical to raising the next generation of outdoorsman.
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    Well rounded and grounded kids a product of your work and interest.
    Good job, Dad, you are being rewarded.
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