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Thread: "Why I don't EDC a knife anymore"

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    KYRATSHOOTER - " ... You do not go to the woods and borrow someone's knife!"

    When I was growing up in a small north Arkansas town, there was a "good ol' boy" there who when asked, "Can I borrow your knife?," would answer, "I ain't carried a knife since I got big 'nuff to kill a man with my fists."

    Works every time.

    "They that can give up essential liberty to gain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790),U.S. statesman, scientist, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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    I honestly feel naked if I don't have my every day knife with me!
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    I figure that an edc knife, even if current tech and an individual's capabilities render it seemingly obsolete and unnecessary, is representative of a person's on-hand prowess should said current tech happen to become unavailable for whatever reason. Like a modern-day samurai who still carries his sword with him.
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    I try to never go anywhere without a pistol (and earplugs) so of course the wallet, cellphone, AA light, lighter, all go along, everywhere. If i"m going to be out in the sticks, then some sort of shelter, water carrier, water treatment, cordage and sleep gear is going along, as is the pack. Carrying stuff in your hands, or even slung over a shoulder, gets to be a real chore, really quickly.

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    Can't read the article, might be because my work's IT department is blocking it.

    I always carry two blades on me: my folder, and the blade on my Leatherman Core. I never go out without em. I can't count how many times they've come in handy in regular situations. My folder is clipped in my pocket at an easy-to-grab level in case I need it for self defense, and the Leatherman is in a beltpouch just above my back pocket (securing my wallet in place so pickpockets can't nab it).

    And with these knife restrictions being lifted in Texas, I might just lug around my claymore on my back just in case I need to cleave a thief or two at walmart.

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    I really couldn't even imagine not having a knife on me. I started carrying a knife when I was around 10 years old & carried a knife with me ever since. By the time Rambo came out I was carrying one of those Survival knives ( you know the ones I am talking about, piece of crap, no tang, hollow handle filled with mini survival kit, looked like the same blade John Rambo had) and eventually it was the Buck 110.

    Still have that Buck 110 too going on 30 years now (chipped the tip though slightly). Now the only folder I will carry is a Swiss Army Knife, all the rest of my EDC knives are full tang fixed blades, no serration. I will switch back and forth which knife I EDC depending on where I am going, usually they are between 2.5 inches and 4 inches when in NY, 5-6 inches in other states that have less strict knife regulations.

    I still occasionally use a Butterfly knife, I mean considering how many years I was practicing using them with both hands and doing all the variations of swinging them open , figured what a waste to learn it if I am not gonna use it.


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