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Thread: Fowler's First Public Alone "Show and Tell"

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    Default Fowler's First Public Alone "Show and Tell"

    Getting ready for my first public "Show and Tell" at Threshers Brewing Co. about my time out there in Patagonia on History's Alone season 3. What a wild evening it turned out to be i never new so many local people were watching me . I set up a nice display of all the stuff I made out they're on Alone including Wood spoons I carved, handmade gillnet, the bushman's wood water bottle, my fish trap ,100 bamboo chopsticks and a bunch more Wood carvings I made out there. And of course the wizard staff with my whole story carved into it. Oh and let's not forget my Cold Steel special forces Russian Spetznatz shovel. The night was a whirlwind of questions and pictures but I manage to capture some of it and share it with you here.

    video link>>>
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    Very cool Zack....

    Reminds me of the peeps down at the saloon on a Friday night around here.

    Seems you have kept being your self...and great family values....Love it.

    BTW have the same Tabasco- Avery Island... T-shirt...had to laugh when I saw it.

    Thanks for posting.
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