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Thread: Food and income - trapping makes it easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    Just so I'm not confused here SurvivalDan. Were you hunting other people you met on your way? 'Cause that would be like a whoa, wait a minute, kind of an outing. Or were you meeting other people on your way? See the difference between meat and meet? Yeah, sort of changes things a bit. But that shopping outing wouldn't be so bad.
    I too was confused, I assumed he meant met other people along the way... Surprising that A London Local can't communicate in English effectively
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    Yeah, well, he says London. His IP says Poland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurvivalDan View Post
    I went to survival camp few times. First time we been sent to forest and I have been told we have to take care and we will be picked at the end of the week. Was good, but there was a shop not far away so everyone was doing shopping, so that was terrible experience boring. Second time we get gear from the tour guy and after we been sent ( 10 of us ) in different parts of massive forest so that was awesome. hunting meat other people on your way. That was the really good experience, but that was the hardest part- finding food.
    Hunter63 saying Hey and Welcome....From Wisconsin, USA.
    Sound like you went to "Summer Camp"....and yeah some needed surviving...Good times, good times...

    Meat people....Rare, served with fava beans, and a nice red.
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    If survivaldan is really in London there is a big problem with the English educational system, especially in the grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and content areas.

    That is in addition to addressing the issues Anthony pointed out, along with a couple of legal issues I know exist in GB. But that is pretty much what they consider "survival training" in England.
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    On one of our Pot and Machete Challenges a local paddled in before the meeting up and stashed a piece of foam to sleep on. He " found" it as soon as we landed. Everyone called foul. By the 3rd day they were fighting over time on it

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    Sounds about right for Bill.
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    To his credit he can actually "survive" out there. He had a 20 ft canoe full of edibles. Unfortunately he butchered a turtle in front of some guys that hadn't seen anything like that and they quit eating. LMAO.

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