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Thread: Geezer alert.....

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    No, no. Never submit, never give up, never surrender!

    But I do like leather......
    True enough, my final home is still out there, but this is most certainly my home range and I love it. I love every rock I fall off and tree I trip over. Even when I am close to dying from exhaustion, a beautiful sunset doesn't lose it's power to refresh and inspire me and that, in itself, is enough to save me sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingTree View Post
    Ya know...I can "figure out" all this new tech stuff and use it, but I just have a violent aversion to it. God, why do I want to screw around with all that crap?! I'd spend the majority of my time my whole life constantly using it, adjusting my settings, updating, and then using it some more. And all for no real point. It all seems so bizarre to me. With exceptions that're the minority of functions, people aren't really doing anything. It's like some big sucker scam. I's a serious question...what are they all really doing?? even feels offensive in some way.
    Just to clarify in case I need to, and we've already touched upon this elsewhere like in a discussion over "what's primitive"...There are practical and beneficial uses of our latest newfangled tech. Of course there are. There always is. But there is some kind of threshold that many people have crossed which has led into some bizarre realm. Forget discussing the various uses of electronics, but there is a lot of time consistently spent just maintaining these things...adjust settings, updating, etc. That's the part that is really a trip. Just on my laptop, if I were to let myself get sucked into it too much, I'd quite frequently be spending an hour at a time doing things oriented towards changing some setting for something...just so I can do a particular little thing which itself takes and is worth about 20 seconds. That's crazy. And I mean some little something that isn't all that important versus someone getting some compass app set up so that they can use it often.

    And then as far as uses goes...I see people everywhere spending their whole lives just playing with stuff like looking at all of the posts on someone's facebook wall or searching for songs or vids that themselves aren't worth any sane person's time.

    Just the other morning I saw on the news about how children's eyes are aging rapidly and their vision is going bad...failing vision tests in a bad way...because they spend so much time looking at a mobile device. And it was several years ago when I saw something else telling about how children's development is being greatly stunted in bad ways because they're not getting tactile interaction with the real world, spending so much time in the virtual world.
    The pessimist complains about the wind;
    The optimist expects it to change;
    The realist adjusts the sails.

    - William Arthur Ward

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    Heard this one today.....
    When a skinny Geezer graduates from Judo Class....they get Black Spenders...not a belt.....
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    i'm just a young geezer not like some of you old geezers around here.
    coyotes listen to them, like children of the night what music they make.


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