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Thread: Where do I start?

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    I have always felt that the reenactors that are the closest to our wood-craft and wilderness survival activities were the colonial woodsmen of the 18th Century.

    And you can reenact their activities without causing a riot. In fact, I have known several black reenactors of the settlement and fur trade eras, and one oriental guy.

    It is also the cheapest era to reproduce. No uniforms needed, no gun needed unless you want to use one. That alone eliminates a great expense. You don't even have to wear real shoes, or any shoes at all.

    Over on the Mississippi River you can do all the way back to 1675 when the French went down river. Not much latter a Currier named Cartiear crossed TN from west to east and came out of the woods in North Carolina. It was claimed that he had neither pot nor kettle and ran out of powder and had to kill game with a bow.

    A young guy could do a French Currier persona for that whole area.
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    What a great thread. This is why a keep coming back to this site. The caring and sharing shown here is so apparent and makes me proud to be a small part of this group.

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    Thoughtful advise guys/gals. A really nice thread.

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    When I was 16, I lived in the suburbs. I still do. However, I had a great desire to get out in the woods. As a result, I would wander all over the place. I would find any semblance of wild area. I found a lot. Mostly undeveloped areas. Again, I either walked there, or rode my bike. I would follow train tracks, go under bridges, and walk through the thin undeveloped areas. Now days are different. I have a 15 yr old daughter who turns 16 soon (no you can't date her ) and a 14 year son. My wife tries hard to protect them. I fight her to let them roam more. Anyways, good luck and don't be afraid to go somewhere without your parents driving you. Make sure and tell them before you go.
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