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Thread: need help posting my knife photos

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    Default need help posting my knife photos

    with dialup a cheap cell phone and no techno savvy i'm unable to post photos
    of the knives i'm making and would really like to do so.
    can anyone help. please pm me if so.
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    phone charger is USB correct? Plug phone into computer. Click File Explorer and find your phone. double click. Open the file that says "DCIM" or "camera" and then DCIM. Highlight the photos you want to share and copy them to your desktop. Open an account [free] at photobucket and click and drag them to there.

    At least this way [with dialup] you can walk away while they load and then come back later to share them.
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    Dial up still exists???

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    The best way is to host the pictures on a site that hosts pictures. Photobucket is one. I would look at accounts that you already have. If you have a google account, use Picasa. If you have a yahoo account, use Flickr. Once you have the account established, then you simple download them onto those sites. Each site will offer instructions for the uninitiated. If not, you can always ask the local 6 year old how to do it. When you have the pictures downloaded onto the file sharing site, then you need to find the URL that is associated with the picture. A right click while hovering over the picture generally does it. Look for "save file location" or something like that. I can't check right now because my work computer won't allow me to. Now, if you look at the text box that you use on this site, when writing a replay, you will see a little icon on the top that looks like a tree in a photo. If you hover over it, it will say "insert image". If you click that, it will give you a pop up window. Make sure a select "URL", and then unclick the little box with the checkmark in it. Then, in the text box on that window, paste in the file location that you copied from your picture. That should put a line of code on your text here with a [image] in front of and behind the line of code. That pretty much gets the picture on here.
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