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Thread: Fixin Wax recipe

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    I used to love Fix'n wax that I would get from DC, until I got a different version of it from a local guy at a Farmer's Market. It's a little bit softer so it I have found a lot more uses for it than what I could use Fix'n wax for because it was too hard. I can just get it local, but they have just opened an Etsy shop and I think that it is still cheaper than DC's with shipping.

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    I'm not sure what "fix'n wax" is, but I use a combination of mineral oil and Beezwax to treat my wooden utensils and food safe wooden bowls. I melt the beeswax and add Mineral oil and let it cool if it cools hard I remelt and add more MO. I keep doing that until I get a consistency of honey. In fact I keep it in a honey bottle. Periodically I'll round up all the kitchen knives and wooden spoons and spatulas and give em a good coating of the goo. I let them sit for a few days to absorb all they will and wipe them clean.

    I'd imagine it could be used on anything that needed to be waterproofed or limbered up. Sometimes I use store bought Bees Wax but when I can get the real thing I use it. If you leave the empty honeycomb sitting out for a few days any bees in the area will clean it up. Then they'll start hauling the wax off. So, as soon as it's clean I mash it up and store it in jars.

    There's always some left over and I cut up cardboard and toss it in the melted wax. It makes good fire starter for the fireplace and campfires too.



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