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Thread: Police visit while target shooting

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    there's always some farmer or rancher who'll rent an acre or 2 for $500 a year per acre, so get a dozen guys to share the cost. Most wont make it out there once per year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim Glass View Post
    Next day I visit the police station to introduce myself. The police chief said he was unaware of the second bout of vandalism. I suggested they setup some trail cameras to see who comes to the quarry and who vandalizes the police shooting range. I detected from the police chief's demeanor they don't like me shooting out there.

    Next day, I visit the stone quarry owner. He wasn't there at the time but some employees told me the owner didn't care if I went target shooting at the quarry. I left one of my business cards and asked them to tell the owner to call me if anything has changed with my shooting status at the quarry. The employees told me one of the employees is a part-time cop for the city and claimed they installed a trail camera on a light pole and someone took the camera. Never did hear back from the quarry owners.

    I'm trying to sort this out. I think this started out where the quarry owners allowed the police to build a berm for shooting on quarry property. Little by little the police start building special target shooting hardware like it was their own property and now it gets vandalized. This is a small town police department. I would think by now they would know who comes to the quarry to shoot and who has permission to be out there. I was prepared to find another place to shoot. But the police did encourage me document anyone else I see shooting at the quarry and report it to them so I may go with that.
    My wife qualified for her CCW in a limerock pit here in Central FL. I'm sure you know they are all over the place here. Her instructors were a Chief of Police in a small town and another LEO. My indoor pistol range is 5 mins from the house, but the rifle range is 40 mins away. We are always on the lookout for some acreage in the Ocala Nat. Forest to shoot in. The perfect package has not been found yet.

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    Opps what happened next

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    I joined a small sportsman club in Iowa not far from the cottage. I have been driving past the club for years thinking it was trap shooting and bow shooting. As it turns out they now have a 300 yard rifle range and pistol range. $65 per year to join, I shoot anytime I want for another $2 day and I can take up to 2 additional guests. Went to my first first meeting last Thursday where they have a nice club house and large storage garage. They own 125 acres with 55 members and all seem like real nice guys trying hard to have a nice club. Some features of the club use the honor system which would never work where I live in Illinois. I took my thermo imaging scope to the meeting and that was a big hit. Went shooting for the first yesterday and had the place all to my self.

    Real small club, only 2 benches for shooting but with a cement floor and roof over the benches. The trap range has 5 or 6 positions. I guess I can use the trap range as well, just pay for the clay birds I use.

    I think it is going to be great.
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    See what happens when you get out of a communist state? I'm typing this sitting in S. Illinois at the moment. (sighs). Yes, I stopped at the state line and cased and locked my handgun. @#$# @#46$%^# $#$% $%%%!!!!!!!


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