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Thread: Tin Cloth Recipe

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    I was at the other end of the highway today so I stopped in at the hardware store to see how much boiled linseed oil cost. $38 per gallon. What I ordered on Amazon was a bit less expensive.
    Imagine if neatsfoot oil was "8x-10x the price".
    Shop somewhere else. It's around $25/gallon at Lowe's. Walmart has quarts for $7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnLeePettimore View Post
    Shop somewhere else. It's around $25/gallon at Lowe's. Walmart has quarts for $7.
    I can buy it from that one and only hardware store, or I can order it online.
    I ordered some from Amazon, it was $32 for a gallon.
    I didn't check at
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    Kyratshooter, I just bought everything I need to give your tin cloth recipe a shot. I'm doing a pair of denim jeans to start with. I want them to be waterproof enough that I can walk through deep puddles without worrying about them getting damp. Would you recommend applying some of the mixture to the inside of the pant legs, or will applying it to the outside be good enough. Thank you


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