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I don't know about twirl but if you spin the contents so that air enters the bottle it will empty faster. That's my preferred method. The fact that air enters and doesn't create an airlock is the reason it empties faster. Think of whirlpool inside the bottle.
Well, I was going to accuse you of just messing with me, but I went and checked it just to make sure. I only had one kind of wine bottle (a Bordeaux type), and sure enough, it emptied faster with the whirlpool. I know I've had them empty faster by chugging, but that was with hot soapy water. That was when I noticed. That must make a difference. Viscosity, and all that. I checked with a smaller bottle (almost spherical) with a slightly wider mouth, and it emptied faster when it chugged.

Never mind. I should've used another example, but I would probably be wrong with that, too. Like 2-litre bottle mosquito traps, or growing potatoes in a barrel.