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Thread: ID this bush please

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    Hi everyone,
    We have this bush in our yard but I've also seen it in the wild. I live in the mountains of northern CA. Often our flora is common in southern Oregon, too. My 18 month old wants to eat the berries so we're going to dig the bush out if it's toxic. Thanks.berries 010.jpg berries 005 (640x480).jpg berries 007 (640x480).jpg

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    Hunter63 saying Hey and Welcome.....
    There is an Intro section, if you care to stop y and tell us a bit about your

    I really don't have a clue as to what that might be.....Have you tried talking to a landscaping place or even local collage or county agent?....In your area.

    AS far as digging it out...seems a little extreme to me....nothing beats the value of teaching a child "NO".....Many things in life a child need to learn....."NO, Don't touch, or put in your mouth"...... is a biggie
    You can dig up everything that may hurt him in your yard....but can't be with him in a controlled environment at all times.
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    County extension agent would be best. Take a cutting with the fruit and flower if possible. I am not familiar with Ca. plants so I can't help you. Google your county + extension agent and you should get a hit.

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    I agree on the extension agent or a master gardener group. Hard to id from pics, but glossy, waxy leaves make me think it's in the manzinita family. Not really palatable to eat. I have used manzinita branches & leaves to smoke jerky with, gives it a nice flavor.

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    Thanks for the responses!

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