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Thread: Teaching a toddler survival skills

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    kids like to spill the beans. My daughter has her own rifle, but I have had to limit her use on it because she kept talking about it a little too much. I was concerned that an anti-gun daycare worker or school teacher would catch wind and I would be turned into child services.
    Oh, that would be awkward all right. Has the makings for a comedy movie too.
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    Parent's job to care for infants and toddlers. When they start the road to cognition, is when they need to start learning what they need to know if the various environments they are in.

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    I don't follow every detail of the Olympics competition, but I notice that one American medalist (Cullen Jones) gave a little bit of free publicity to the idea of teaching a child to swim as soon as possible. The news story I saw stated that the Olympic swimmer nearly drowned when he was young. The medalist now works with a Make a Splash foundation that teaches children to swim. Good for him.
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    I am a father of 4. We "play" survival. Start with simple things they can help you with. That will get it engraved in that unmade brain of theirs much better. Things like what to gather for a fire and how much: 2 hats of this, 1 hat of that . . .
    If you keep them involved and positive, they will keep interested. Play is the work of children. Don't forget that. They have to play it or they won't learn it.
    slso, I started with my kids at 4 years old. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyratshooter View Post
    They need to know that when Mom says leave something alone, don't touch the stove, not to go into the shed or even to stand still for a moment they should listen and obey. It is not a parental control thing, following instructions is a survival mechanism.

    The world is filled with dangers toddlers can not evaluate. The parent has to do the decision making and when the parent says "Don't move!" the toddler should not move or turn to ask "Why?". Why is because you are about to step on a snake, about to fall in a well, or about to be hit by a falling tree limb.

    They can ask why, and you can explain after the crisis is over.
    This is a single best advice that ought to be on every parent's list.

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