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Thread: Chinese Fishing Lures on Ebay

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    I would say it depends. If your talking about something that isn’t complicated, then cheap stuff should be fine. However, if your talking about something that needs to “work”, I would spend the extra money. What I mean by work is something like a Rapala minnow that dives down and has an action to it, or a spinner walmartone that has metal spin blades, or something that has to float or move a specific way to work. I’d buy cheap metal jig for rockfish, sabiki jigs for catching baitfish, or rubber worms cause none of those really have any complicated mechanics in how they work. Also, expect low quality hook and split rings, so if u intend to catch big fish, I would change those out.
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    Are Rapala minnow lures available in India?
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    Raja fishing lures no doubt.


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