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    I was walking with a podiatrist at the hospital where I work today and he was telling me about Dakin's Solution. It's an antiseptic solution that can easily be made at home. It is excellent for cleaning wounds because it is not so strong that it will kill living cells, but is strong enough that it will separate dead tissue from living (can help to effectively debride a wound). I did some reading on it today and it seems that it has been used since world war 1 for cleansing wounds. It is very simple to make with bleach, baking soda, and water. Here is a flyer I found that details how it is made. Thought folks here might be interested.
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    Looks like you take along bleach is good for making this as well a treating water.

    Also looks like this won't last would need to be made up as needed....

    Pretty cool find......Thanks for posting.
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