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Thread: Be Careful Out There

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    After dealing with the injury for nearly a year I finally had the necessary work done in January.

    and just this week the push to keep up with all the neighbors and mow the lawn while the mud is still slippery began.

    Not going to push this year. If the neighbor does not like how my grass looks he can drive that expensive John Deer tractor over here and mow my grass, cause I am not going to cut it until I things dry out ad I ca walk without sliding.
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    Well, the positive side is mowing downhill is pretty easy when it's muddy. You just need to hang on to the mower and let it pull you. Let go before you reach the bottom. Those hills a pretty big so you could reach maximum velocity before you hit the creek.

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    Muddy wet hills....
    Don't mow when dewy...or right after a rain...
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