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    I wanted to see if anyone could help with identifying a few wild plants in my yard. I've been trying out a mobile app called "Like That - Garden" where you can take photos of plants and it offers possible match suggestions, although I'd like to get second opinions if possible. These photos were taken in Hubert, NC.

    1. Possibly Apple Mint?

    2. Unknown

    3. Unknown

    4. Possibly Wild Carrots?

    Thank you for any assistance! 😊

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    not sure about the others but #3 looks like plantin (sp?) the plant (leaves) are edible. The leaves when crushed are also good for taking the itch out of bug bites like misquitoes. the "juice" from the mashed up leaves also helps dry poison ivy rash. There are also several other uses for it. One of my top 10 go to plants.
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    I don't like to identify plants via pictures online. You really need the flower most times for an unknown herbaceous perennial. Trees, not so much but the lower plants can be confusing.

    The first one is definitely a mint of some kind. You can tell a mint by the square stems. You can only identify them by their flowers. Sometimes the smell when crushed, but the flowers are the key.

    The second one looks like curly dock. But hard to tell.

    The 3rd looks like plantain but would like to see the flowering stalk as it isn't a form I recognize. The leaves here on plantain are usually a lot rounder.

    The 4th one is a dangerous one. Anything that looks like wild carrot should be positively identified by flower as it could possibly be a poison hemlock.
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    1 is a mint
    2 is curly dock
    3 may be a plantain but not broadleaf or narrow leaf that is most common . There are over 800 different plantains out there.
    4 will have to watch it grow but I am thinking wild dill aka dog fennel aka so many other names .

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    Thank you all so much! I'm not going to try anything unless I'm 100% sure what it is. If I can find a local expert I'll do that too. Does anyone know what this one is below? Possibly Perinneal Sow Thistle? It's spiky with budding yellow flowers.

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    1. All members of the mint family have square stems, not all members are edible.
    2. Curly or Yellow Dock,
    3. Absolutely a Plantain
    4. One must be extraordinarily careful with fern leaves plants. Make certain of your ID.

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