Guests can not see images in the messages. Please register in the forum.Pmoore's making one of my latest designs. My GZilla is a Monster chopper,and first and foremost, it's a Functional Hard Use Knife. That's what I go after in any of my designs. The 17 1/2" length of GZilla, is intimidating to many people, so I've drawn, measured, weighed, until I have came up with a design that will be Functional for finer work, with a 6 1/2" blade, but a long handle, for heavy duty chopping. Having large hands, is not the only reason for the long handle. So many factory knives with 7+" blades, just don't cut it chopping, with their 4" handles. I have found a shorter blade, can be used for precision, and add some length & the right curve, and you can back up on the handle, and have a dedicated chopper. So, For my latest "Functional Hard Use Knife", at just over 1 foot, comes the " Carneyedge "
12 3/8" OA
6" handle
6 1/2" bld
1 3/4" bld height
Hybrid Clip/ Drop point
1/4" thick
Hidden High Flat Grind
Steel 80CRV2
Guests can not see images in the messages. Please register in the forum.
Waiting on the Celtic (Neon) Green G10, for the slabs, then covered with Black Canvas Micarta, which will be ground around all sides, leaving the a Black Canvas Micarta "Swirl" down the middle length of the handle. The Hidden High Flat, is like my GZilla. Since the blade is 1/4" thick, I come down 1/4" to start the "V" grind(so you have a true 1_4" spine, more weight on too, and tougher) then Pmoore, "Smooths" the grind line out, lightly, to prevent resistance when chopping, cutting, slicing, etc.. The V will go down to a slightly thinner, 1/4" tall secondary Convex...scalpel sharp, with plenty of Bite, and the strength of a Convex Edge for Hard Use. Ordered the G10 yesterday, and sent him a cardboard copy of a belt/ molle leather pouch sheath, with a Sam Browne fastener on the throat.. Can be worn upright, upside down, vertical, or horizontal. I can't wait to get it, and hit the woods!

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