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Thread: Wilderness toilet paper and pooping in the woods

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    You haven't been hunting until you have a guy in camp with only one long sleeve on his shirt and no socks.

    Back when they had if its brown its down rule during archery (no spotted fawns). We had a guy in our camp who could get a deer every weekend. But, couldn't remember to pack in TP or use what nature provides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fjrmurph View Post
    I am shocked , three pages on how to or how not to poop in the woods !!!! This is just a ****ty subject .
    The dream of every 12 year talk about poop.... an make every one nervous...
    The first "bad word: I ever learned in my life was "poopy" in "You are a poopy"....must have been around age 8 .....or so.

    Girl across the street about the same age........Janie, taught me we were standing on our sides of the street.... Throwing rocks at each other.

    Neither one of us could throw a rock all the way across the was pretty harmless.
    But she did call me a "poopy"....she had older brothers and sisters so was better educated I the ways of the world.

    Anyway....used that word "Poopy" I front of my slapped, and told that was a bad word,... not use it ever again....
    That told me " Hey cool, must be a good one...but save it for special occasions......LOL

    PS..... Always carry 3 pairs of hunting socks, cold weather,...wear two.....and carry one pair in the game bag....old pair on the outside, newer on the inside.....dry ones with plastic bags ....JIC.
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    Just never attempt to use snow, trust me.

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    If I waited to use snow where I live, it might be a long, long time before I ever............well, you get the picture.
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