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Thread: ever heard of "Nessmuk?"

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    Default ever heard of "Nessmuk?"

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    that's really cool....thanks for sharing the link. Always looking for free stuff I can put on my kobo.

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    I read his book about 1995 I think .... I wasn't too enamored with the double bit axe as I've always carried an axe with a poll on the back for pounding, cracking nuts, a flat batoning face etc. I did realize after pondering his knife and the advantages it had, I acquired a knife with a Nessmuk style blade that year. I have been using my Nessmuk knife for almost 22 years. It is the best blade I own for doing everything and anything I need to do. I cannot count how many animals I have gutted and skinned with that knife, nor the poundage of meat I have cut up with it. It also works well on cutting up fish. It is a high carbon steel blade and easily still takes a razors edge. I've never used the knife for batoning, that is what the axe has always been for ... cutting and splitting wood, building blinds and shelters, breaking thru a deers chest cavity or pelvis to remove the intestine, etc. My axe blade is longer and thinner -- kentucky style belt axe with ears for deeper cuts. This is the one knife I have total confidence in as it has never failed me in any task I have given it. I never considered my nessmuk knife to be a survival or bush craft knife. It has always been a hunters woodsmans knife. I consider it the best knife to have on my belt and I really wouldn't want any other. I feel this is a true testimony to an excellent knife for the hunter or woodsman.
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