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Thread: Getting ready for my first hike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by canid View Post
    Businesses like to outsource their 'incentivized organic advertizement'. Usually to the unemployed. I used to Mturk a lot and always had to shy away from the obnoxious and spammy stuff

    You believe for a minute this is a different person?

    I bet if I spent more time at it I'd find a lot more posts of that format asking about specific luxury travel services with similar user names.

    It that the same guy...appears that those people on that forum blew him off in 2 posts.....LOL
    The cruise is through islands off the coast of New England in the UNITED STATES. You should post on the US forum for relevant info...
    I guess we are just a bunch of softies?
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    what is this 5star survival are you kidding me. i could tell you how to survive in the jungle
    and there would'nt be anyone to hump your pack either no lodge house with 800count pure egyptian
    cotton sheets and hout'e cuisine. is this a joke or something hey buddy could you even clean your own fish
    letalone catch it hmmmmmmmm no offense just saying.oh yeah welcome to the fourm

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    Hold, I admit, I've never been to algonquin park, but the cottage is less than two hours drive from that lodge, and I've been generally futzing around in the woods there for the past 30 years. i know enough to know the landscape is not disimilar, and it ain't exactly classic cottage country. how the hell is this supposed to constitute a jungle hike?


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