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Thread: rope hammock vs nylon mess hammock

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    Default rope hammock vs nylon mess hammock

    it seems to me that more bushcraft and survival enthusiasts would be proponents of the rope hammock over the standard nylon mesh hammock. rope hammocks arnt susceptible to taring as much so as a nylon mesh hammock. and are easy to repair. where as a standard nylon mesh hammock is much more difficult to repair if not impossible. my rope hammock even has a tight enough weave that i could use it as a fishing net if need be.

    but i wonder if there are any disadvantages that i havent thought about. was wondering if anyone could share their views. on the comparison between the two

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    Lightweight nylon hammocks are relatively easy to repair. In my experience, rope hammocks are a lot heavier and less comfortable...fine for a backyard nap or if car camping, but a poor choice if backpacking.
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    What is the difference between a nylon mesh hammock and a rope hammock? The word "mesh" and "net" are essentially the same thing. A "rope" hammock will often use nylon for the cordage. If it is "mesh", then it uses some type of cordage.

    Of course, there are nylon "fabric" hammocks. Many use ripstop nylon, but not all. Polyester fabric is becoming common for hammocks as well. It stretches less. Sometimes that is good, sometimes you want it to stretch.
    A fabric hammock is more comfortable. That is why people prefer it. You can repair it fairly easily. No, you can't use it as a net. But, the reason people use them over sleeping on the ground is that they are more comfortable. Comfort is king when deciding not to sleep on the ground. I can't use my ground mat as a fish net, and that is what my fabric hammock is replacing.

    Of course, looking at the the OP's designation....I don't think he will get back on and explain his original post. Unless banned means something different now.
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    No. It pretty much means banned as in officially excluded from a place.

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    ....and judging by he past posts.....most of which was BS.....not gonna put a lot of thought or effort in anything he had to say.
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    Nobody backpacks a rope hammock - Those uncomfortable "kits" in Boyscouts have been replaced by Byer.
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