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Thread: Natural objects that can aid survival situations?

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    When I was a senior in high school I used to play a computer game called Zork. You wandered around an Underground Empire picking up seemingly useless things that were never used for their purpose intended. For instance, if you ate the clove of garlic rather than carry it with you at just the right time, a giant vampire bat would swoop down "Fweep fweep fweep" and carry you off too..... The Gas Room. Boom! You have died. Replay?

    Did I mention it was a text adventure. No pictures, no movies. Just words and typing. Lots of typing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamewolf View Post
    Wood - fire, tools
    Bone - tools
    Skins - clothing
    Plant fiber - rope, fire starting
    Clay - pots/containers
    Water - speaks for itself
    More water - ditto
    Stone - tools, projectile points
    Sand - water filters
    Did I mention water ?
    and dont forget rocks as cooking surfaces
    horseshoe type fungus especially on dead birch for carrying fire and tinder that takes an easy spark.
    iron pyrites and flint among other things
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