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Thread: Looking for some basics

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    I have a friend who came from Bosnia and was there during the little dustup they had a few years back, and the first thing they ran out of and really missed was toilet paper, then food,then clean water,then shelter,then ammunition for his AK47.

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    I have tried for a long, long time to create a "reasonable" "run away" scenario (I try not to use the term "Bug Out" anymore it seems to push a lot of the wrong buttons) When I was 13-18 it was a Nuke war that I lived through. But that has not ever materialized (and I am so glad) As an adult (yes I am using that term kind of loosely) I just can not come up with a "reasonable" one, especially here in Oklahoma. Maybe a large earthquake disrupting the national infrastructure, transportation, power, water BUT still it is pretty hard to come up with a real, viable scenario, at least in my opinion anyway. Now on the other hand I can see me losing my home to a tornado in a heart beat, being on a Red Cross DAT team and as a local EMS/Firefighter I have seen lots of folks who have lost "everything" but what they carried to the cellar. But you do not lose Rule of Law in the wake of that, at least not around here. I think packing a good "what if" bag in your vehicle is smart (What if I break down and it is cold/extremely hot, what if I get really lost and it is very cold/hot, what if I find someone in distress) But until I have to I am staying put right here on my place if I have any choice at all.
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