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Thread: Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern

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    Default Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern

    An interesting series on TV was shown on the Travel Channel from 2006 on, and I was able to see a recorded segment about Samoa that was made in 2008. Andrew Zimmern is a chef and food writer who travelled over the world researching and filming exotic dishes, some from strange places such as Minnesota, Dallas, Philadelphia and Kansas City. I only saw the segment on Samoa in its entirety, they were authentic about the preparation and consumption of palolo worms, rhinoceros beetle larvae, sea cucumbers and fruit bat. Made me homesick.

    Other people will have to check the veracity of the segments about Minnesota (lutefisk?) and Dallas (rattlenake?) or other strange places I am not familiar with.
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    He came down here to the Everglades and did a segment at Mack's Fish Camp. The first time I remember going to Mack's was back when the boy's mom was running the place. They had a great big Burmese python. I was checking that out and there was a gator swimming in the water next to the store. I see a kid run and do a cannon ball right on the gator.

    Turns out Sneaky Pete was kind of a pet alligator. He is in the video on Bizarre Foods. Marshal is a great ambassador for the Gladesman culture and is at most of the events. Like wounded Warriors airboat runs and the airboat and swamp buggy shows.

    You can see the short video of the calling and petting Sneaky Pete the alligator here:

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    Zimmern's shows are some of my favorite TV.

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    Andrew Zimmern is one sick son of a gun. there is absolutely NOTHING that he will not stick in his mouth, he is the Bear Grylls of the cooking world. Not all of his episodes involve things best left uneaten, but most of them are.

    I watched an episode done in New Mexico where a village was butchering a hog, and sharing in cooking and eating the hog, they cooked some of it in a large cast iron "wok" made from a plow blade. I looked this episode up online and was able to find where they made/sold the woks, and my boyfriend ordered one. That wok is the bee's knees for frying fish, french fries etc.
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