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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for some input on an issue I'm having with my squirrel pole. I did catch a squirrel, but the trap did not strangle him quickly. Here are some details:

    Trap Construction:

    -Horizontally oriented straight branch spanning from two trees.
    -Soup can fastened to middle of horizontal branch with bait inside. Two 20 gauge copper wire snares at either side of the can.
    -Wire length had squirrel hanging 8" below branch.

    When I found the large black squirrel, he was gripping onto the pole with the noose around his neck. He jumped from the pole and hung himself but was not being completely suffocated. I guess the noose was unable to tighten further. I had to dispatch him myself and am concerned that this trap will not dispatch these animals cleanly.

    Does anybody have advice on how to make this trap setup kill more quickly? I really appreciate your feedback and assistance.

    Kind regards,


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    Hunter63 saying Hey and Welcome.
    There is a intro section at:

    Lots of discussion on the pole traps.
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    Many times snares do not kill cleanly and instantly. That is one reason why they are illegal in many areas.

    BTW, most states require a trapping license, even if you are on your own land. When you check the regulations do not be surprised to find that noose snares are illegal in your area. Without an intro we do not know what your area might be and can not assist you with that.

    You make a trade off. You use the squirrel pole for survival food gathering and are simply thankful for the food using whatever means was available or you use another system, like rat traps or other sure killing devices.

    However, you now know that the Squirrel pole works. You might want to put that information in the back of your mind and save it for a "survival emergency".
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    Around here squirrels have a defined hunting season. The gray ones anyway.
    The red ones and chipmunks are fair game any time of year.
    But snares are definitely illegal.
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    Default Pole action

    From a survival point of view , sounds as if your wire is a touch heavy. I have always had the best results with very light wire or spruce roots. Snares should be many and on route to the can as well as at the can. In this way the snare has time to tighten. Most of the time there is no bait and the animal is just moving across quickly making it more effective. Squirrels are agile and likely to hop so make sure they are clustered in a way that won't allow a hop to clear them all.

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    Try Google =Snaring the western red squirrel. A tutorial by Trapper Ron. Excellent...... Tut

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    Thank you for making clear some facts regarding these traps. I made a bad construction so I didn't catch any squirrels.


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