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Thread: multi tool or knife

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    I'm a fan of Leatherman, since they're much cheaper over there than here i would recommend one of them, i like the wingman. If going for a swiss army knife the one on current issue is very nice, with a good blade that locks.

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    If its for camping, I would just choose a good fixed blade knife.
    but both is a very good option, the blade inside the multi-tool serves as a good backup blade.

    Why not get both? they not going to take up too much space.
    If you have to choose one over the other, I would take the fixed blade knife, as I cant think of more then one time I actually used my multi-tool (just for the small saw or pliers maybe) for cutting quick notches or making snares.. but you can do that with a knife and your hands. The knife inside the multi-tool is not nearly as robust as a fixed blade....


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