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Thread: Questions about urban survival packs for homeless

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    Although, any droid can use tapatalk

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    Yeah thanks.......
    I find my "Media" ....(Phones (2), Wifi, Satellite TV (2 locations) costs are getting to be a major hit on a fixed income.
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    Seriously, I've got it all on this tablet, and its waterproof as long as I remember to close the seal on the usb port. Wish I had unlimited high speed data, but no providers do that anymore. Sony 10" Experia. Even though it's waterproof, I still put it in a Silnylon rolltop bag,

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    Hi all my apologies for not responding until now,am experiencing some serious life changes at the moment as my wife and I have just this past couple weeks become separated.I may have to takett some of these suggestions to heart as i may end up homeless myself!!!!! I still have to sit down and read all your responses,but I am extremely thankful for all your responses and look forward to readinng them

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    Hang in there Duece.
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