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Thread: Duck Owners?

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    Default Duck Owners?

    Are there any duck owners here who raise ducks for their eggs or meat? If so, feel welcome to post about all your ducks and what types they are! I myself don't have any ducks, but I partially raised a wild mallard duckling and I know all about raising domestic ducks. I plan on getting getting some Campbells, Indian Runners, and Rouens in the near future to use for eggs.
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    I never have raised ducks but have raised chickens and this year I have guineas and a tom turkey who thinks he's a guinea.

    I have a friend who had 3 ducks huey, duey, and louie. I only met the last one, but I think it was duey? Anyway it would answer to his call, like a dog. He's holler DUEEEY and in a second quack quack quack quack. It was kinda cool. lol

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    We have muscoveys. Amazing omelets!

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    ducks are more amazing at laying eggs and delivering meat. I have raised 30 ducks and 30 chickens together without a pond... life is good.
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    I like to slip duck eggs under broody hens. The reaction of the hen when her " little chick " goes for a swim is something to watch .


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