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Thread: Tasco Pronghorn scope

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    Default Tasco Pronghorn scope

    The Tasco Pronghorn scope has been around forever. When I was a kid they were like the lowest of the low quality. It appears that over the years they've made some big improvements.

    I just picked one up for my 30-30 and I have to say, I'm impressed. They now have a very wide range of focus on them, to the point that after playing around with it for a while I'm able to get the image nearly as clear as my Nikon Prostaff scope. I'll have to see how it does in low light, but so far so good. The turret adjustments are positive and consistent and I had no trouble getting my gun zeroed in.

    All this from a scope that costs 30-35 bucks... I may buy another one, lol.

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    Had one on the Ruger .270...... always shot true for me....Nephew has that rifle now, and the last time I saw him use it was still working well.

    Have had a Tasco World Class 3-9 var. on the Ruger 7mm mag since early 1980's......haven't changed it any in all these years....
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    Speaking of scopes...
    I have been shopping for a spotting scope. Saw a Tasco the other day for $119 and when I was leaving the store he offered it to me for $75. Never though of Tasco as a brand to spend a lot of money on.
    Anyway, I have been shopping on line. All of the shooter forums say you must spend a couple hundred dollars. They are full of crap and I do not know why they make these outrageous claims. I have been looking at Barska's, mostly on Amazon. I notice that all low end scopes are $60-$90 and are all "marked down" from $189 or so. My question is, are these really $189 spotting scopes or are they $80 spotting scopes marked up $100 and then marked down? Other than that, these (Barska 20-60X60) look like decent scopes for the money. Anyone used them. I will be shooting and spotting mostly around 100-150 yds but would like to have a scope that could see my target hits at 200 yds. Opinions?

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    A spotting scope is not something to skimp on, either for hunting or range work.

    Most of the cheap ones, under $100, do not magnify to the advertised power and almost none of them will focus to a clear image. I find the same problem with rifle scopes. The cheap ones never really give the magnification they are marked.

    Even a good 60x scope will not show .22 caliber holes in targets at 100yards. At least they don't for me. I can usually spot .30 holes if there is a contrasting background.

    I am of the opinion that a spotting scope is not something I want to buy sight unseen off the internet because it was a good price. I want to look through it, adjust it, check out the flies on the window of the store across the street or see if I can read the menu the guy sitting at the table down the road is holding.

    I went all the way to 100x for my last spotting scope and jumped from the sporting goods department to the astronomical market and bought a big Barska that shows the crab nebula as well as it does holes in paper. I forget what I paid for it but I got a discount because someone had cracked the 400x booster lens.
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