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Thread: Amazon Prime Day, Nothing Outdoors that I could find.

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    Default Amazon Prime Day, Nothing Outdoors that I could find.

    Today was Amazon Prime Day, (July 15) with deals at Amazon and Walmart online but I could not find anything there that related to outdoor camping, fishing, hunting activities that was a good deal. (This was billed as good deals similar to Black Friday like in November.) I did get $5 cash back on a sprinkler controller and about $3 cheaper than local HW store (mine got damaged by Lighting strike and has not worked right since).

    I looked for a good deal on a camping knife but found none. Then saw SK-5 Black Bird factory seconds for $90 on Ontario Knife Company website, I'm not concerned about minor scratches, I will add plenty first time I use it so ordered it (free shipping). Typical online price is about $110 (black) or $140 regular finish, or $180 full retail. So I finally got a very simple basic full size knife that I have been wanting (Good Handle!). I also like combat/tactical knives like Ka-Bar, and the other camping/bushcraft like ESEE4, or RAT5 etc but wanted a full size but smaller than machete, legal to carry in most places. Now I just need some Kydex or leather to make a proper sheath or order one which would actually be cheaper because I am not a very good craftsperson to be honest. Is eBay (Flea-bay) best place for kydex and similar materials? Some other cheaper knives need sheaths I should mess with them first. There is a place in Dallas that sells it in 4x8 foot sheets that would last me for life, many screw ups.

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    Man, Prime Day was a bust! It's been the source of lots of tweets and viral memes. I had fantasies of discounted Aimpoints and backpacks but instead it was like a really sad garage sale. I did nab the LoTR extended edition trilogy on Bluray for $25, though. That's a great deal. Still wish they'd have had $300 Aimpoint PROs, though...

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