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Thread: Pole fishing, what line to use?

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    I love my braided spiderline. I get the 8lb equivalent, which I think is 20lb actual, or something around that. The braided has less memory and casts like a dream. I always use a long leader of 6 lb the fish don't see the braided line anyways. I am mostly trout fishing in high altitude mountain lakes and rivers. Sometimes I do try catfishing with it. I also use a telescoping pole....and I LOVE it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by natertot View Post
    My favorite rod and reel that own is a Shakespeare two piece rod with a Shakespeare open face that I bought at bass pro about 4 years ago.

    I have quite a few rods and reels that I have picked up at garage sales on the cheap. In fact, last Friday I picked up a nice Shimano two piece rod that doesn't look like it has ever been used for $2.

    Being that I have little kids and live in a community with ponds, we have a few of the kiddy poles with built in reel. The come with a little tackle at the big stores for about $10 each. I have to admit, my kids and I have pulled many sunfish, crappie and blue gill out of the ponds with those poles. The thought of keeping one in the car for my own use has crossed my mind!
    From my experience, the kiddie poles aren't bad rod and reels. I started with one when I was a kid, so did most of my siblings.


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