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Thread: Survival training in the Florida Keys, and looking for crew members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyratshooter View Post
    No!! Not the hong!!!

    As a long term granddad I sort of like the Green Anaconda song. It only has three chords and I can play it while the kids sing.

    Actually the two youngest ones sing it while the oldest whines in misery and threatens to jump out of the car window.
    Yeah, yeah that's the one.........Green Anaconda, Green Ancaoda

    All a smoke screen diverting attention from the fire department thing.....
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    I would really like to thank Mike for coming along this evening.

    If not for him we would have had a much more boring Saturday evening, and it has been a long time since we had a good "troll toss".

    I think some of our newer members had never seen us engage in a troll abuse frenzy. I know we still have several pages to go, and now you know how the "My Name Is Blade" thread became legend.
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    Toll Toss is like a shark feeding frenzy but a lot more fun.

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    Or sometimes like a kitten with a ball of string.
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    It's no fun though when you toss em too early. This one was barely ripe.
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