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Thread: Self Sustainable Schools with Internships?

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    Gotta second Crash's post. Setting goals, writing them down to make them concrete and working to achieve them is the only way to achieve what you want to do. I have a lot of friends that suddenly realized they are old and don't understand why they are where they are in life. The answer is simple. They let life lead them instead of them leading their life. You are investing in yourself. Do it right.

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    Third Crash's post. I enjoy a humble but fulfilling life because I busted my *** for 30 plus years. Then said I have enough. I'm gonna enjoy what I have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7whitewolf7 View Post
    I'm interested in living self-sustainably and I also have an interest in permaculture and Wilderness Survival. Right now, I'm trying to get experience toward some of those goals, and honestly after the research I've done survival school's arn't worth it. People will teach WWOOFers and other work-trade positions skills starting from the ground up. But theres always the risk you'll purely be free labour, and learn anything you hope to.
    What have you gyus done to get where you are? (or is there a link to a forum conversation regarding this already)
    I can tell you my 'dream' even if it has little chance od sucess, but it is not what I base my decisions on. (to buy a good number of acres to make a self-sustainable farm and host survival classes on it).
    It's good to dream. But while you're dreaming, I suggest you give real serious thought to what Crash said, because that's good advice, and if you follow it you're off to a good start.

    Now, me, I admit I spent more of my twenties than was probably wise farting around, and I've had to live with the consequences. Living with the consequences probably made me a better person, but try *not* to do that. You might consider looking in to alternative colleges, like Deep Springs College, which is a very remote 2 year college, set on a ranch, where you study and do 20 hours of farm work per week. Or find a regular college that has a sustainable dorm you could live in...that kind of thing is becoming more common.

    If you are still interested in WWOOFing, there's a woman in BC who lives well off the grid who sometimes has wwoofers up to work on her land. Never met her personally, but I have read all of her books, you might just see if they have them at your local library, Chris Czajkowski. Very interesting books, if you like them maybe WWOOF would be able to let you know if she's looking for volunteers or somesuch. And if you read her books, note that while shes been living in the wilderness since the 80's, she went to agricultural school first, and was able to work all over the place.

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