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Thread: Please delete my posts and membership

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    [QUOTE=kyratshooter;461102]It always amuses me when a new member appears with all of his/her sage wisdom on all aspects of the outdoors and homesteading thinking that this will be the first time anyone has heard their information, even after all the years this forum has existed.

    The second thing that amazes me is we have people here operating with WNT syndrome. We Never Tire.

    WE NEVER TIRE of talking about fire building, navigation, wild plants, hobby farming, fishing, hunting, anything that shoots a bullet of any kind, or joking with each other.

    We will gladly discuss how to make a fire bow for the fifth time this month, list the veggies we planted this week and compare the garden progress to last year, explain how to get a gun that already shoots into 1/2 inch to shoot into 1/4 inch, how to sharpen a knife and not only that but how to sharpen that exact brand and model knife!

    We can tell you which truck will last for 40 years and how to fix it and someone here will have had the exact same breakdown and know just exactly how many rubber bands and coat hangers it is going to take to get the rig back on the road.

    For marriage counseling and child rearing advice you need to check out the general chat section. Some of us have been married enough times, or long enough to have faced most problems and have a solution, or opinion, on almost every human interaction.

    Those of us that have been here for some time have had the help of the forum through accident, injury, sickness and loss of loved ones.

    It is one of the few places on the internet where one knows that once a year there will be a gathering of the invisible persons standing behind the screen names. It may be too far to drive and some may never make it to the gathering, but some of us have shaken hands, eaten meals, dodged bears and patiently awaited the arrival of ambulances together. Others have flown 5000 miles to get too the gathering, some only 2000, and some drive for 2 days to arrive. We do hate to miss a party!

    On top of that our forum background colors are very soothing and non-abrasive to the vision.

    Why would anyone want to be deleted from here?[/QUOTE]

    *Clap, clap, clap. Exactly!
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    I second that.......and don't for get the odd, "Does any one know where or how to...what ever..." and three people step up and say..."Yeah, what your addy I'll send ya some".
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    Kyrat, that is the best summary of this place I have yet to hear. This place is more than a forum if you let it become such. For me, it is more of a community of extended friends with a lot of folks here.
    ”There's nothing glorious in dying. Anyone can do it.” ~Johnny Rotten

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    Is this thread going to be a duplicate of the "Please Delete" thread over on Survival Boards that has gone for 350 pages and 6800 posts?

    It's going places I tell you!
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