The worst case of eating chilli for me was trying to eat a meat pie made locally from, 'The worlds Hottest chilli's". My god the indigestion was horrendous. I ate the pie, it was like having the hottest habanero's you've ever had x 10, with a touch of meat & pastry, to give the illusion of eating a pie. Never again, I honestly thought my stomcah and oesophagus was going to melt.

The shop that sells them makes clients sign a death waiver form, but if you finish the pie in 3 minutes, you get a free one. I only managed half the pie, before I gave up. My wif and I like our chills, and do include Habs in stuff, but that pie was ridiculousy hot. It's some new variation of a Habanero but about 10 times hotter, apparently. (measured on the schoville scale)