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Thread: Won't Be Long......

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    Default Won't Be Long......

    Crappie will be running before too long. I plan to hit it while it's hot this year since I missed it last year. Anyone else do much Crappie fishin'?
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    The trout ponds are stocked and in season so I'm all in with that right now, but crappie in a few weeks when the water temps get right.
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    Crappy fishing is when I fish and don't catch anything, although is still better than working. Or house chores for that matter!

    I do like to fish for Crappie, Sunfish and Blue Gill. All are very similar with only minor differences. I find them to be relatively easy to catch and pretty tasty. So does the Tot Girl.
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    Default Oops......

    I thought my spelling looked funny. LOL I do a lot more "crappy" fishin' than I do Crappie.
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    i do some crappie fishing but mostly bass and catfish
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