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Thread: packing for old timers

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    Just a note....
    At the gym....the isa little lady (maybe 90 pounds+/-) her 90's ...She is just full of it...Gives everyone a bad time...
    Always tells me that I'm I give her "stuff" the stationary bike I use is in front of her favorite...I tell her to hurry up.

    She just says...
    "Careful....I'd kill for $5........What can they do to me?....Life sentence?....I'm 92, so it may only be 6 months."
    "Besides... I think jail would be more interesting than the nursing home...There's just old people there."

    I hope to live that long and be as full of it as she is.....
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    wow hunter that's one cold blooded grandma.
    probly straight razor toten to boot.
    coyotes listen to them, like children of the night what music they make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    Lighter. Much, much lighter. I think ultra light hikers have it figured out. It depends on what I'm doing, what time of year it is and what the weather is supposed to be. Overnighters still see a one or two person tent depending on whether the wife is with me. I carry a bag if the nights are chilly but always a ground pad. Can't move in the morning without it. What I'm doing will also dictate which pack I use.
    Back when I was in my late teens and very early 20s, I laughed at people that "needed" ground pads. Now that I'm nearly 30 and I'm hosting some injuries in the lower extremities, their a good idea.


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