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Thread: Edible Plant Guides

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    I agree with Rick. Basically there are limitations to what you can learn from a book or computer, time spent in the field is critical. Make your own observations go on as many walks or hikes with experienced "plant people", certified naturalists (not the naked people), and just self taught people who have spent a lot of time outdoors observing nature and trying out ideas.

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    I have most of the books Hatch posted in his pic and they are very good. I would also suggest 2 others. The first is Botany in a day and the other is Mushrooms demystified. The botany in a day is the one I would say is the must have above them all because it teaches you to recognize families of plants. so if you see a plant with square stems , opposing leaves etc you would know it was in the mint family. The same is true for the deadly plants like the parsley family. The book gives you a very easy to understand format to begin your education. As you become more knowledgeable with the common families in your area you can then use that knowledge to search quickly when foraging or wild crafting.

    I am not a fan of mushrooms personally but if you are and you want to do some foraging Mushrooms demystified is the book to get. Its a very thick book and easy to understand with lots of pics and information on hundreds of mushrooms. Because so many are deadly, go at your own risk when foraging for them.

    I have been adding a medicinal wild crafting books to my library and am finding the paired with Petersons books and the botany in a day that my learning has become much easier and reliable. Remember to be aware of dosage vs your size, as well of reactions when trying ANY NEW PLANT OR REMEDY THAT YOU HAVE NOT TRIED BEFORE. Plants just are not as safe as we think they are. Also consider where they are growing as they take up the elements in the soil they are planted in meaning , heavy metals and any decomposing rubbish.
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    I might be too! mess with mushrooms even with some knowledge. I have the impression that learning mushrooms alone and being safe is as big an endeavor as the whole plant kingdom. Really tricky. But I might be exaggerating it and could be wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingTree View Post
    I might be too! mess with mushrooms even with some knowledge.
    This is where group survival is easier than individual survival; figure out who your biggest liability is, and slip some mushrooms into their food to test.

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    I have Botany in a Day and another book from Hops Press is called "Shanleya's Quest: A Botany Adventure For Kids 9 to 99" also by Thomas J. Elpel.

    It is a children's story that helps you learn to identify plants in the mint, parsley, mustard, pea, lily, grass, rose, and aster families. I also have books on medicinal uses and just plant identification. I have a whole library of books by Gil Nelson which use keys to identify the plant family and then the species with in the family.

    I take quite a few books with me when I go out. I will leave them in the truck if traveling by foot or in a canoe where we have to portage. But, if we are traveling by UTV or truck, airboat or something else that lets me take a few ammo boxes. I stuff them with as many reference books as I can fit.

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