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    Hello. I'm a 26 year old male from North Carolina.

    I'm a registered EMT currently not affiliated with any agency. I have quite a bit of personal experience hanging in our swamp-lands and on down our rivers since childhood on up into adult-hood, spending up until about a year or two ago almost everyday deep within the swamps where I explored deeply and would practice some decent amount of survival knowledge whereever possible.

    I picked up quite a bit of things from those with far more experience more than me and have managed to accumulate enough knowledge to at least get me by. I have quite a bit of experience with firearms and learned quite a bit in defensive/combat shooting, I previously belonged to a team that often participated as OpFor for various military events which consisted a lot of former SF, Rangers, etc etc who taught me a great deal of knowledge there as well.

    I would not consider myself by any means an "expert" in anyone thing mentioned above but rather a jack of all trades. I'm adaptable but realize I still have a great deal to learn but I'm more than willing to help out where I can.

    I also administrate my nations traditional seed sovereignty/bank and agriculture projects which focuses mostly on our traditional seeds and practices which tend to be more environmentally friendly and more healthy for consumption as well than most foods on the market today. It is designed with the community in mind and teaching people to relearn the practice as a means to practice their sovereignty and culture. I do have a facebook page dedicated for that project which can be found here. ********removed***********


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    Hunter63 saying Hey and Welcome.
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    Hello and welcome from Pennsylvania.

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    Welcome from Alaska.
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    Hi and Welcome from Malaysia...
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    Welcome home. Unfortunately, I had to remove the link. You can put the link in your signature but not in the body of a post. It's one of the ways we try to keep a handle on spam.

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    Welcome from GA!
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    Hello and welcome.
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