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Thread: iron sites for a pellet rifle

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    I donít know about recent developments, but the spring used to recoil in the opposite direction as they were fired making them hard to keep them sighted on target. The reverse recoil made it hard to shoot them accurately!
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    the "reverse recoil" is something you have to get used to with practice. Fact is that the precision pellet rifles are some of the most accurate guns in the world.

    I have a .177 Weihrauch that is scary accurate. Not very powerful but scary accurate. I could have bought a 9mm w/suppressor for what that thing cost. The lengths I will go to for backyard shooting accuracy are astounding.

    I also have a couple of PCP rifles and they break all the known rules. Extreme accuracy and good power levels and you do not have to pump or compress a spring. No recoil in any direction. Being air guns they can be fitted with devices to cal down even the small amount of noise they do make.

    I do have one that slings a .22 pellet well over the sound speed thing. That sucker cracks like a .22 rimfire. You get over the 1000fps level and you have that to deal with.

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