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Thread: Neck Knife suggestions

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    I second the recommendation for the ESEE Izula. It's a great little knife. I have occasionally worn a Mora as a neck knife, too. For the most part though I'm not a big fan of neck wear. I use a breakaway lanyard so safety isn't a concern, I just don't find it to be all that comfortable or convenient. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick View Post
    I use a break-away lanyard connector on mine. Slide the paracord through, tie a knot and pull the knot inside the connector. Do that on both sides. The connectors snap together.
    That's a great idea. Have you used it, do you find it secure? I sometimes carry a ESSEE, I can reach up with one hand and pull it free. If I was using that breakaway lanyard would the knife come away from the sheath or would I have knife case and lanyard in my hand?

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    They are pretty stout. The Necker fits in the sheath securely and it takes a good tug to pull it out. I've never had the connectors snap because I pulled on the knife. However, I can give the lanyard a good yank and they come apart. So far, they've worked like they should.

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    Default Your specific requirements?

    Quote Originally Posted by survivalinstinct228 View Post
    I wont to get a neck knife but it wont be for a few months, so I thought that I would start looking around now. This way when it comes time to purchase my first "neck" knife I will know exactly what I want. It needs to be smallish with survival capabilities, as well as hold a sharp edge and be easy to sharpen. Any suggestions?
    Your specific requirements are key to which "neck" knife is best for you. "Survival" is actually a very broad and vague term.

    Is it primarily for long distance backpacking, or only day hikes, personal defense (throwing), water safety, diving, fire starting, animal and plant processing etc?
    No knife does all this well so better to find one that does what you want it for the most fairly well and other things well enough.
    For example some titanium coated "dive" knives would be a terrible choice to start a fire with but in a worst case scenario you might be able to scrap off that coating and still make a spark, I have never tried this, it may be impossible. Depends on what is below.

    Some gear is a "duck" it can walk, swim and fly but does not do any of those functions very well, this does not mean it is a bad design, ducks are cool. Fun to shoot but few people want to actually eat them; unless they speak French. OH I should not have gone there but we are all Charlie H. (personally I try to never insult anyone's religious beliefs however). Heck I was required to fly to Paris a few weeks after 9/11 in 2001 and visit a "company" office, that was rough. French took it very seriously, Algerian youth are all over Paris.

    BTW when in Paris I order Duck, they know how to cook it well. Was once informed I was not allowed to order Cab S. with it only Beaujolais. I'm such a clueless Yank.
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    I have a Newt Livesay in my bag set up in a neck kit with a signal mirror, ferro rod, fox whistle. I had a Izula neck rig I made and I gave that to my brother Sean. He wears it quite a bit when we are out. I have a Mora neck knife that I added some kit to and it occasionally gets worn. Though, my last time wearing a neck knife was to cut my steak at camp about a month ago. I used the Mora.

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    I have used the Izula, Izula 2, some CRKT knives, and most recently a Mora. Due to its lightweight even the length of the Mora does not bother me. But I will admit there is something about that mini-beast, the Izula, that just makes you swoon.

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    Becker Necker - It was around $30 but worth every penny.

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    my neck knife is a large coyote jaw handle with a indian jasper spear point.
    not fancy like alll yours but it works.


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