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Thread: Gift for "Survivalist" who has "everything"

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    Default Gift for "Survivalist" who has "everything"

    Christmas or Hanukkah etc gift (I have received worse)

    Calcium Carbide Lamps are no longer used by most people for many good reasons, but they are fun "toys" for the "survivalist" who already has at least one of almost everything. Could be used to help start your tender/fire and see in dark around campsite if there is not a lot of wind, better in a cabin or cave.
    Some high quality antique lamps for sell at yard sales and online but here is a place in India that still makes several models (j k dey dot com):

    One of several sources for the "solid fuel" (cheap carbide dot com):

    Fun informative video:
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    very cool, years back I had a couple carbide lamps. A justrite with plastic body and one of those brass body lamps. In cold weather a carbide lamp isn't worth a hoot.
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    Cool stuff. Thanks for posting that.

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