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Thread: Ticks

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    Ticks must be a lot more dangerous than they used to be. I have had literally hundreds of ticks on me after being in the brush for a day. Pulling three or four off in any one day working cattle was not even worth mentioning. I have gotten into "seed" ticks so thick that baby oil and a knife blade were the quickest way of getting them off. I've probably been bitten a thousand times growing up. Y'all must have some badass ticks if you have to go to the ER to get them removed.

    I hate chiggers. I'd rather have ticks than chiggers. When I'm in chigger country I soak my boots and jean legs with Deep Woods Off and spray a good coating on everything else.


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    Lyme, Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain, Can make you wish you were dead. It affects everyone differently, It cannot be diagnosed well or 80 percent of the time. Some people are hospitalized, miserable for months, others show little symptoms, for me its like getting the flu. Babesiosis killed a young guy in Buck's County this year.

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