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Thread: question for native american fourm members

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    Default question for native american fourm members

    has anyone ever worked with or haveen tools or weapons made
    with deer shoulder bones? i have some and would to make some warclubs
    and mabey some spirt sticks. but the thing is would they be traditional
    were they ever made or used? i,ve never seen any that,s why I,m asking.

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    The Tomahawk was a hatchet style weapon that had a solid wooden handle with a head made of stone, bone or metal. The tomahawk could be used for close contact fighting or as a throwing weapon.

    They also had a jaw bone club that they sharpened the end of the jaw bone and left the teeth intact. It was use in close combat and cut through the chest of an enemy. It usaully was made from a horse or buffalo jawbone.

    I don't see when it wouldn't be traditional,

    Now the spirit stick can be made by any tribal member, most healers and medicine men made them as well. There are certian specifics that have to be follow and done a certian way. Might want to look that up. Also each tribe has a different way to make a prayer stick or spirit stick. So find out what tribe you are looking make it for.

    I can tell you that Ceder, Willow or Cottonwood are commonly used but hit has to be a tree that has been struck by lightening. That shows strength. feathers to carry your prayers, some use the animal medicine symbols. So just check before you make one. Hope this helps.
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    i.m not sure but thanks so much just the same. ill try to post a photo when i,m done with whatever it turns
    out tobe.


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