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Thread: Colloidal Silver users ?

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    silver shoul be in everyones med bag as for many types of use especially in reguards to burn therapy
    i bought a silver genorator some time back and glad i did. one time i treated a litter of kittens
    that had these nasty buggers in thier eyes and around thier noses.
    i wiped thier faces and gave drops to thier eyes in a week it all cleared up.
    i also carry curad silver jel in tubes in all my bobs.

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    I've been using it for a couple years now. Three 9V batteries connected in series and couple of alligator clips connected to 1 oz silver bullion bars in deionized water. Be sure only the sliver is in the water. Depending on the strength of the batteries it takes between 20 to 45 minutes to get about 12 ppm (would be longer with really drained batteries). Flip the bars from negative to positive to help keep the oxidation down.

    I've seen fast treatment of pink eye and other infections on myself and others I made it for. My dog loves the water and occasionally gets ear infections. One to two days of squirting some CS in his ear and it is all cleared up.

    I don't take it every day; only as required... Usually 10 ml a day (that's a dose I could apparently take every day without side effects)
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    HI, Gene! good to see you here!

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    He may not see your post, he has not been on board for 1 1/2 years!

    Probably died from heavy metal poisoning.
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    Been using Collidial Silver since my original post with good results, I make a fresh batch every 6 months to have on hand
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    I bought a small amount based on a conversation with a friend who suffers from skin problems on his feet - as an avid hiker - It works.
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