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Thread: question for flint knappers, where do i get copper slabs

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    Default question for flint knappers, where do i get copper slabs

    last august while at the knap in i saw a few vendors/knappers who
    had for sale various pieces of copper slabs solid pipes and so on.
    where do i get 1lb copper slabs. reason bieing i want to make a ax
    like OTZI carried.

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    You'll probably have to look for copper rods. You can get them in round and square shapes. Just remember if you do any smelting of copper it releases arsenic gas.

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    thanks for the tip. i just found what im looking for but ill have to pound it into shape.
    it,s a 6in longx 1/1/4 thick solid copper billet. @flintknapping tools,llc 30,00 dollars.

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    Shouldn't be too difficult..... as "Even a Cave man can do it"...........Bhohahahaha

    Aw man,..... I'm sorry,...... I just couldn't resist........
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    I made a couple of copper knappers from old large soldering heads (square in shape with a point on the end.) They are solid copper and work fairly well.
    Ohio Rusty ><>


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