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    Hey guys , It Cameron back with a new post . Today I have something that all of you will LOVE ! Its called geocaching . Geocaching is a huge treasure hunt ... Sort of . You see people just like you and me can hide a cache . Its basically a container with paper inside of it and you can log your name . You can also do this online . These containers come in different sized and an be really hard to find . Some containers even have trade items in them . They are boxes that you can well , trade items . This is a really fun way to explore the area around you . People who do not know about this is known as a "Muggle" in the geocaching world . Heres a link to the offial website if you want to learn about more .

    Just look up geocaching .com

    I really hope you all go out and try this at least once . But please follow the rules and be safe . Go Geo Caching !!

    Let me know how it works out and if youve tried it before . I also wanted to thank joey for showing me about this . If you see this thanks a lot man !

    ~Cameron May

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    Yea, I have been several years but I have
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