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Thread: Update on Chris McCandless' death.

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    Cool Update on Chris McCandless' death.

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    Yep, He's still dead.
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    That Krakauer would do anything for a good story. Three times now he has published his theories as fact. I'll wait until these findings have been thoroughly vetted before jumping to any conclusions.

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    Seems he is just kinda milking the cash cow.

    I'll wait and see as well.
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    This is pretty old news.
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    I am sure this will come off a callous, but so what? Guy goes into the woods alone to live off the land, some skills, makes mistakes and dies.

    He broke all the rules of outdoor safety. Traveling alone, no expected return date, no way of getting help. To top it off no one knew where he was heading.

    He may have been a smart, skilled guy. If you stack the odds against you you are asking for it. Operating without a plan "B" or "C" is foolhardy at best.

    I'm sorry for his death but not surprised. If anything good comes from it it should be "don't eat that because eventually it will poison you." And the story isn't even clear on that.

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    typical 20 something who thought he knew everything. The kid killed a moose and the majority of the meet went to waste because he didnt take the time to learn how to care for the meat. Plus a bunch of other mistakes... Darwin rules apply


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